What is Hasiru Dala?

9 thoughts on “What is Hasiru Dala?”

  1. Dear Hasirudala,
    At the outset Pl accept my best wishes.
    Looking objectively, I am finding big gaps already growing of big gaps of sustainability. Three times as an Engineer In Charge, I had an interface with Hasirudala and facilitated selling of over Rs 20,000 from ISTRAC ISRO Bengaluru.

    A vision, an agenda and a dedicated training are essential convergence of any success case study in the context of Sustainable development.

    Look at each of the above indicators, if you miss any you can attain but shall not sustain.

    ?????????? We shall over come one day……

    Till then,


    Prof V Jagannatha, Trainer, Scientist/Engineer ISRO and a Popular Science Activist


      1. we are an environmental non-profit association. We are unable to contratrar collectors and or provide services (unless of puplica utility), with partner support.
        We think the fantastic Hasiru Dala? How could I have help to train workers who also would support the collection of recyclable and contribute to the environment on the planet (giving financial return to them) too?

        We want a clean and sustainable city with its waste collected and properly disposed not to go straight to the landfill.
        We need spaces to community gardens and even nurseries of various categories (medicionais ornamental plants in the Brazilian cerrado etc.
        Finally we want to contribute to the environment but we are not getting support and government aid
        Can you help us?
        Nilva Ferreira teacher
        President of the Environmental Association for Life and Social Sustainability – AAMVISS


      2. We have within the AAMVISS a project called “Sustainable sacolão”
        We exchange food for solid waste reciláveis ​​with the community in Brazil, in the state of Goiás in Goiânia.

        The environmental and health gain is still small because we depend on supporting partners, the government has not adhered. Only in a group of volunteers we make this gathering in public squares and we use the materials received for a community cooperative.
        But we would like to extend this project to all Brazil and its states and it must have a visibility for the authorities to see that we urgently need to teach people to collect and properly allocate their waste to reduce pollution deforestation and further contamination of water sources and insect infestation as zika this worldwide.

        would like to know our project and help us in the disclosure on your website to the world?

        together we are strong
        Nilva teacher,
        AAMVISS – Environmental Association for Life and Social Sustainability
        visit face book AAMVISS


  2. Hasiru Dala
    I am a resident of Vivarta Maagan, at Tejaswini nagar, Bangalore 560076 off doddakammanahalli road. we have about 100 occupied flats.
    I was staying at Fern Saroj, LBS Nagar, 560017. I understand that you have good job in disposingof the waste there.
    Please let me know if can help us at vivarta Maagan to dispose off waste? What are your terms?
    On hearing from you, i will place before the association.


  3. You are doing a great job enabling jobless uneducated youth in collection of recyclable waste. One undesirable fall out is that the pickers open trash containing un segregated bags thrown by people, pick only what they can sell to scrap dealers for money. In the process, they discard unwanted waste helter skelter causing harm -cows, dogs, rats etc start picking scraps of what can be consumed. Is there a way to avoid this you can think of?


  4. Waste management has become a complex subject, and garbage pickers now need to be ‘brought upto speed’ by upgrading their skills (‘we’ll tell you how, for a little fee…’). Other professional courses exist for the market, but a ‘new philanthropy’ for garbage picking is sought to be developed


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