Lockdown Diaries: Relief to the wastepickers in the times of the pandemic

3 thoughts on “Lockdown Diaries: Relief to the wastepickers in the times of the pandemic”

  1. Read part of the article, found that the organisation’s work is comendable. I was wandering that isbthere any program for ragpickers who are minors say 10 years or above who collect garbage for thier living? I m sure that the effort to stop them from rag picking is not possible as they ear from Rs 200 on an avg to rs. 500 per day just by collecting waste which theybstart collecting as eary as sunrise or even before. Is theur any plan for does and dont for their daily routine of minor rag pickers? If yes i would love to dpread the msg among such minor rag pickers, as i m very closely associated with a few in my town Dehradun. I can take some social responsibility to make them aware of the hazards bybteaching them dies and donts. Thanks


    1. Thank you for your engagement. Working with Adult wastepickers and organizing them for better life automatically reduce child labour in the field. This my experience working in Pune and in Bangalore an independent study ( 2019) has shown that after Hasiru Dala started working with Adult wastepickers Bnaaglore
      , children in this sector has drastically reduced.


  2. Although the report is conclusive and descriptive about the efforts of Hasiru Dala but why has the work been focused only in South India. There is no mention of Indian workers who are struggling in Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Indore etc


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